Couple claims Georgia kennel neglected their dog

A couple from Rockdale County said they brought their dog to a kennel happy and healthy, but got him back skin and bones.

They complain Rockdale Kennels neglected their pet while they were away on vacation.

Sande and John Mark Oliver were about to fly out west.

"We boarded George," Sande Oliver said. "We were going to California to visit our newest grandchild."

They took their Staffordshire terrier to the kennel.

"He was rambunctious, happy, fun, full of energy," Oliver said.

They said that was before they brought George to Rockdale Kennels in Conyers.

"He was there for about 17, 18 days," Oliver said.

The Oliver said they didn’t recognize him when they got him back. 

"He really looked emaciated," Oliver said. "He didn’t even look like the same dog. When we got him to the vet he weighed 42-pounds (down) from 51. He couldn’t walk."

"I was furious," John Mark Oliver said. "What in the world happened to my dog? I was afraid George had major organ damage or was near death."

They said the kennel never called to tell them something was wrong.

"Why didn’t you call me," John Mark Oliver asked. "I could’ve easily had someone get George and take care of him."

The Olivers told FOX 5 they asked the kennel what happened to their pet. 

"Anxiety," they said the kennel answered. "He’s high energy. We even doubled up on his food."

Oliver does not accept the answer.

Tara Nesitch, who runs the dog-grooming company Pampered Puppy, said George is normally a spry, healthy pet. She said it’s abnormal for a dog to lose so much weight so quickly.

"They should’ve called the owners and said hey how can we get him, to eat? What does he like?" Nesitch said.

FOX 5 knocked on the kennel’s door. No one answered. 

George is now recovering at home.

"I don’t want this to happen to anybody else," Sande Oliver said. 

The Olivers filed a complaint with the state agriculture department.

"If he had stayed there a day or two more, I don’t know that he would’ve made it," Oliver said 

A spokesperson for the agency said they are investigating. 

They have no record of complaints on Rockdale Kennels.