Corinne Foxx talks 7th season of 'Beat Shazam'

Corinne Foxx is pretty busy these days — not that she’s complaining about anything.

"I’m so happy, obviously," says the recently engaged "Beat Shazam" DJ. "I actually was engaged for maybe, like, seven months before I announced it, so I got to have my own little private time and enjoy it with my friends and my family, but now we're in the thick of wedding planning."

And in the middle of all that wedding planning, Foxx is also back to work on "Beat Shazam," as the show’s seventh season premieres on FOX 5 Atlanta. Starring Foxx and her father — Oscar winner Jamie Foxx — the musical game show features teams of two testing their knowledge of popular music.

"I think people really identify with the bond that me and my dad have," says Foxx. "My dad is extremely famous, and he seems like this unattainable person, and then you see him with his daughter who's ragging on him, and you're like, 'Oh, no, he's a normal guy. Just like me. He's dad.’

And the family atmosphere is heightened this season, with themed episodes including teams of mothers, fathers, and siblings. "Beat Shazam" returns tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX 5 Atlanta — and click the video player in this article to hear more of our interview with Corinne Foxx!