Congressional Candidate to cops serving no-knock warrant: "I'll shoot you dead"

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During a low key, Third District Congressional candidate meet and greet breakfast in Coweta County, State Senator Mike Crane dropped a bombshell.

Crane told the audience that state law prohibits police from conducting “no-knock” searches of citizen’s homes.

 Crane then said about those police raids: “You come to my house, kick down my door and I have an opportunity, I will shoot you dead. And every one of you should do the same.”

Crane is considered a front runner, along with former West Point Mayor Drew Ferguson for the Third District Congressional seat vacated by long time congressman Lynn Westmoreland.

Once, the FOX 5 I-team obtained the video, we reached out to Senator Crane to find out what he meant.

Crane made it clear he feels no-knock warrants are illegal in Georgia and an infringement of citizen’s rights.

He repeated what he said earlier about police conducting a raid at his house: “If somebody kicks down my door unannounced they will meet with resistance, I guarantee you.”

Randy Robertson, VP of Georgia FOP, said he was angry and afraid when he saw the campaign video. He posted it along with his commentary on Georgia Fraternal Order of Police Facebook page.

Robertson, and other police and legal experts we interviewed all said no-knock warrants are legal in Georgia, and they are often issued if police officer’s lives would be in danger during a search.

Robertson says Mike Crane’s shoot to kill campaign speech is dangerous inflammatory.

“He has put the men and women who wear the badge and do the job into danger,' says Robertson.