Company in India seeking paid ‘sleep intern’ to snooze for 9 hours every night for 100 nights

Looking for a role where you can actually sleep on the job and wear your coziest pajamas? Well, look no further.

A company in India is seeking a “sleep intern,” who will sleep for nine hours a night for 100 nights. But the job isn’t open to just anyone. The ideal candidate must have a “fanatical passion for sleep” and “an innate ability to fall asleep at the slightest given opportunity.”

Wakefit, a sleep solutions startup that specializes in memory foam mattresses and other sleep products, is hiring for the role and will pay Rs 1 lakh ($1,394 USD).


A file image shows an empty bed, ready for the ideal candidate of Wakefit’s sleep internship. (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The company says it spends a lot of time and effort studying the sleep patterns of individuals in order to develop better sleep products — and the ideal candidate must display “an ability to fall asleep just about anywhere,” according to the job description online.

Basic qualifications include a completed degree in any field with a history of falling asleep during class, the ability to fall asleep within 10 to 20 minutes of hitting the pillow, and a strong knowledge of sleep products and how they contribute to better sleep.

The right person for the role must thrive in a slow-paced environment and have the ability to sleep through multiple alarms. A demonstrated track record of prioritizing sleep over social media is also preferred.

The role also comes with “strict guidelines” around caffeine. “We prefer candidates who have a taste for Chamomile,” the job description reads.

In short, the ideal candidate needs to sleep, “for as long as you can, as deep as you can, and as competitively as you can.”

In addition to compensation, candidates selected for the internship will receive a mattress and fitness tracker provided by Wakefit and be able to sleep in the comfort of their own home.

If you think you have what it takes to sleep on the job, apply on Wakefit’s website here.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.