Community members rally against violence at Piedmont Park

Community members gathered at Piedmont Park Sunday to rally and march against violence in the city of Atlanta.

The memorial march and vigil took place while Atlanta Police continue to search for whoever killed Katie Janness and her dog inside the Midtown park.

The passion for a safer and kinder world propelled Anis Pellegrino to organize the march.

"We are coming with our hearts. I have my heart on my sleeve standing with people of all races and beings," Pellegrino said. "It’s going to take a united coalition from people all over because everyone is suffering from this violence." 

The meeting spot was the memorial for Katie Janness whose body was found stabbed to death weeks ago along with her dog. "I lost someone to violence and it’s a pain that never goes away but this is filling my heart," Pellegrino said.

Katie’s longtime partner, Emma, was in the crowd but this was about more than just this one victim.

Those gathered were dressed in white and honored the lives of all of those killed in the city of Atlanta to violence.

"They are not forgotten. We will always remember them," Pellegrino said.

The group sang songs and lit sage as they walked down 10th Street to the 12th Street park entrance.

They walked around the park hoping to not just clear negative energy but to show a united front.

"Enough is enough. We have to claim our city back. This is what it’s going to take. Coming out of our comfort zone and letting people know that I feel the same way you do," Pellegrino said.

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