Community crime meeting to take place in Buckhead

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A Buckhead crime victim hopes her neighbors will join her at a community meeting taking place Thursday night as en effort to stop crime.

Lindsay Yarbrough said its time to take a stand against what many believe is an increase in crime across Atlanta and she plans on bringing her concerns to Police Chief Turner at this meeting. She's asking others who are fed up to join her. 

"I think at this point, someone has to give answers and instead of playing the finer point game its time to talk about what needs to be done in order to keep our neighborhood safe," said Yarbrough. 

This comes after a recent string of car break-ins across Atlanta. The most recent occurred Tuesday at Atlanta Fire Station 28. Authorities said the cars were broken into around noon while several area residents were inside the station at a community meeting.

Dustin Hillis was among those inside the station and whose car was targeted. He said nothing was stolen, but he did have to replace a shattered window. He also said another one of the victims is a local prosecutor. According to him, four cars in total were targeted. At this point, Atlanta Police said they've not identified any suspects.

"We've got to kick it up, and do some enforcement and catch these people and bring justice to the community," said Hillis.

Hillis doesn't think the solution to crimes like this rest solely on the shoulders of police. Rather, he said, it is the responsibility of the entire community to take a stand together.

"It's very important not just for the elected officials, not the judges or the DA's, but it’s very important that the community work," said Hillis. "Show up to these court hearings, And make sure we hold these prosecutors and judges accountable and we sentence these people to the time that they deserve."

Thursday night, Yarbrough said she hopes everyone shows up for the meeting decked out in orange. 

"Orange is a color that is symbolic of heat and we certainly want to bring the heat in terms of making the community aware, making Mayor Reed aware and certainly making APD and Chief Turner aware," said Yarbrough. "That we're not going to tolerate any of the violence."