College Football National Championship trophy home in Georgia

The College Football National Championship trophy is now in its rightful home in Athens, Georgia.

If it hasn't popped up in your social media timeline by now, some Georgia Bulldog fans are already getting an up-close and personal look at the coveted prize that comes with being college football national champions.

After sealing the national championship with a kiss, the prized trophy was on display in Athens Wednesday for all to see.

"[I] came out here to get a picture with the trophy," said UGA fan Marquis Gresham.

Gresham was among a long line of fans at the Walmart on Lexington Road taking a picture with the trophy that cemented the Dawgs in history.

"Our first year at UGA as a freshman, it’s a nice welcome to campus. We wanted to come celebrate and take pictures of this historical moment," said Sarah Ellen Mercer.

"Literally my whole life, it's like a dream come true that the Dawgs won. I just could not come see the trophy," said Summer Jones, a senior at UGA.

"We literally got here an hour before to get in line it was super, super exciting," said UGA senior Caroline Heathcock.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to document a moment we all waited 41 years for, but hopefully not the last.

"Year after year we’ve watched, and they’ve been so close and this year they finally did it. They finally became the champions. And that we beat Alabama that’s the best part of it all," said Jones.

"Yes! It’s like icing on the cake," said Heathcock.