Cobb County's 4-phase COVID-19 response plan

Cobb County officials said no matter what happens with COVID-19, they have a plan in place

"A flight plan for the county of how to move through the pandemic or things in the future," said Cobb County Commissioner Bob Ott.

When the pandemic hit, everyone was caught off guard. With so many questions still surrounding COVID-19, and the future unknown, Cobb County came up with a plan so they'd be ready for anything. They've come up with a color-coded, 4-phase matrix. On the surface, it's simple. It ranges from level 1, the red phase to level 4, the green phase.

"When you get to that green phase, it's minimal we have some kind of control of the situation and moving back to a regular way of life," said Cassie Mazloom with Cobb County EMA.

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Each phase determines restrictions and social interactions. It may sound simple, but it's very detailed and the county worked with eveyone from schools to businesses to non-profits to make sure they took everything into consideration.

RIght now, Cobb County has to follow Governor Kemp's executive orders, but if that changes at any time, Cobb County leaders won't have any decisions to make because it's already laid out in the plan.

"In the current governor's executive order, we can be no more stringent, no less stringent, but at some point in time it's our belief the governor will give some sort of control to local jurisdictions, so we were like we need a plan," said Ott.

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As part of their preparations, Cobb County also has a warehouse that is stockpiled with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and other items to assist emergency responders.  There are items that can not only help during COVID, but with any emergency.

"We kind of got caught a little short back in March we're not going to let that happen again," said Ott.

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