Cobb County middle school students begin in-person learning

More students are expected to head back to the classroom in Cobb County Monday.

Phase two allows the option for middle school students to head back to the building for face-to-face learning.

Elementary students were given the option starting on October 5th.

But in-person instruction continues to be an issue many are divided over.

“We started virtually and we did that for four weeks and that was interesting,” Kelly Filer said.

Kelly Filer is the parent of a child in kindergarten and another in first grade.  

“Virtual learning was difficult for them. The one in kindergarten didn’t know how to use a computer,” Filer said.

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Elementary school students in Cobb County had the option of returning to face-to-face learning on October 5th.

“When they went back face to face was the moment as a mom you know you made the best decision for your own children,” Filer said.

Filer’s two children were there.

“They came running off the bus happy as can be. Had their mask on and didn’t take the mask off to talk to me,” Filer said.

“We are afraid. We have children we have parents we have pre-existing conditions that are a problem,” a Cobb County employee said.

We aren’t revealing the identity of the employee who will be returning to the building this week. They said many employees aren’t ready.

“Every meeting it’s a constant I don’t know. I don’t know. We don’t have an answer for that,” the employee said.

One of the big questions this employee has involved substitute teachers.

“If someone was out. There are no substitutes so another teacher would have to cover,” the employee said.

Questions about safely social distancing were also mentioned, “Are we going to be able to social distance because we have so many kids in the classrooms. How is it possible,” the employee said.

Filer said parents have to make the right choice for their families and she thanks the teachers who work daily to keep kids learning.

“My children and the smiles on their faces, I could start crying. They have done so much for them and I appreciate them,” Filer said.

Cobb County School Officials released the statement to FOX 5: 

Teachers and students returned to class months ago. Our Elementary schools returned to face to face two weeks ago and things have gone as well as can be expected. We’ll continue following DPH guidance as the best teachers in the world continue to deliver the best education possible to all of our students.

Phase three involves bringing back high school students on November 5th.

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