Man carjacked at gunpoint outside popular Clayton County restaurant

Clayton County police are investigating after a man was carjacked outside a popular Golden Corral restaurant.

It happened Wednesday night and the man said he was just waiting to pick up his wife.

"The only thing that came to my mind was my two girls when he pulled that gun," David Thompson said.

David Thompson is overcome with emotion as he remembers a terrifying Wednesday night outside the Golden Corral on Highway 138 in Stockbridge.

"I pulled up to the parking spot and started looking at Facebook. Doing what normal people would do. Three minutes later I had a Black male with a red hoodie and COVID mask pointing a gun towards my face telling me to get out of the car. If not my brains would be all over the parking lot," Thompson said.

Thompson said he was picking up his wife around ten that night and says she had just started the work at the restaurant a few weeks ago.

"My kids. That’s what went through my mind was the last thing I said to my kids. Would this be the point where they don’t have a father anymore," Thompson said.

The masked man did get away with something precious, his car.

"That’s my money maker. Without that I’m basically screwed," Thompson said.

David runs a roadside assistance company and no car means no way to help others and make money.

"I’m scared he knows where I live. My tools, my wallet, ID, birth certificate, my marriage license, this man could know where I live and come back," Thompson said.

David hopes the man responsible will do the right thing and return his car.

"I can’t sleep. Every time I go to sleep, I have nightmares of him pulling the trigger. It’s just hard. It really is," Thompson said.

David described the car as a white Toyota Avalon with tape on the driver’s side rearview mirror. There’s also damage to the car from when he hit a deer.

If you know anything about this crime come forward to Clayton County police. You can remain anonymous.

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