Person of interest sought in Clarkston Molotov cocktail condo fire

Investigators in DeKalb County need help to find a man accused of lighting a Molotov cocktail in front of a woman’s door. The DeKalb County Fire Department now calls him a person of interest. Home surveillance video shows that man outside the woman’s condo unit in Clarkston moments before a fire broke out.

"This is something that could have gotten somebody killed," said DeKalb County Fire Capt. Jaeson Daniels. "We want to be able to bring this person to justice, figure out why he did it." 

FOX 5 first showed you this video on Wednesday. A man walks up to a condo on Ridge Creek Drive with what appears to be a bottle with a rag sticking out of the top. He appears to spread something at the base of the door. A fire breaks out moments later.

Daniels calls the man on the video a person of interest. Daniels says that the man seemed surprisingly casual committing a potentially deadly act.

"It seemed normal to him. It was like it wasn’t even a bother to him that he was doing it," Daniels said.

Monique Cole, who lives in that condo unit, says the incident left her terrified. "I haven’t slept since Tuesday night," Cole said. "Every little bit of noise that I hear, I’m jumping up."

Cole says she has no idea who that man who is or why anyone would target her.

Investigators set up a hotline if you have any information on that man. That number is 800-282-5804.