Chicken nugget ice cream now exists

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Chicken nuggets are delicious. Ice cream is delicious. But you'd never think of putting the two delicious tastes together ... until now.

An ice cream company in Ireland is rolling out a new chicken nugget-flavored ice cream.

XXI Ice posted a video on Facebook of the creation of the new groundbreaking combination. 

Three nuggets are placed with the cream before everything is chopped, mixed, and then rolled together.

Once it's frozen, the treat is garnished with additional nuggets.

“I suppose we create custom ice creams,” an XXI Ice spokesperson told Fox News. “We turn anything we can mash into ice cream, from chocolate to McNuggets. Nothing is too far! We are trying to bring ice cream rolls to Ireland in what is a new and exciting take on your standard ice cream.”

The company also has combined more traditional tasty mixes like a Krispy Kreme doughnut.