Cat shot, paralyzed in Clarkston; 'There’s no way this cat did anything to anyone'

A cat is recovering after being shot and wounded. The animal was left partially paralyzed.

It happened Tuesday morning on Rowland Street in Clarkston.

Jude Graham said Goldie is his favorite feral cat. He said last time he saw him on Monday, he was fine, but the next time after that he heard him wailing in pain.

"I knew immediately something was seriously wrong," he said.

Graham is a cat lover. He takes care of ferals and strays in his neighborhood in Clarkston.

"He was dragging his legs behind him," he said.

So, Graham took Goldie to the vet. At first, he thought the cat was just hit by a car, but then he learned the awful truth.

"They said he has bullet fragments in his spinal column," Graham said "The neurologist said there’s a less than five percent chance any surgery would help him."

Goldie’s spinal column is fractured and he is paralyzed. 

At first, Graham and Stewart feared Goldie wouldn’t make it.

"Once they told me there was nothing they could. I thought, ‘no, oh no,’" he said.

The good news is the vet said the cat cannot feel any pain. 

"He can have a pretty good life," he said.

Graham wants to know why anyone would do something so cruel and who.

"I can’t imagine it. I can’t imagine it," he said. "There’s no way this cat did anything to anyone."

Graham said he’s will be filing a police report on this on Friday. 

He also said he is looking for someone who can permanently adopt the cat.