Casual armed robbers walk off with suitcases

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Atlanta Police are looking for some very casual, yet dangerous robbers. The two stole some suitcases out of a car while friends were packing up for a trip. The owners were just feet away at the time.

It happened on Hutchinson Street in the Edgewood neighborhood of Atlanta. Two co-workers were loading suitcases into a car, when they suddenly looked up and saw a guy walking down the street with three of their bags. One guy ran down the road and confronted them. Friends say that's when things took a dangerous turn.

“The guy drops the bags pulls up his shirt and has a gun in there. The guy aims it at him, and says back off man, turns around picks up the bags and walks down the street,” says a friend of one of the victims.

A surveillance camera from a house on the street captured video of the two crooks walking away with the suitcases. Police searched the area, including a nearby apartment complex, but did not find the crooks.

Police later recovered the suitcases, with some of the more valuable items missing. Still, people who live on Hutchison Street hope the crooks are caught soon.

“I would like them caught, just so they'd learn a lesson. He didn't have to pull the gun out. To pull a gun on somebody for just clothes and a few dollars is silly, now he committed armed robbery,” says a friend of one of the victims.

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