Casting Call: August 16, 2017

You'll see the info we listed in this week's Good Day Casting Call a little further down this page. 
Please follow this outline to submit yourself (or, your vehicle) for jobs as an "extra."

Send the following information ONLY to the Casting Directors via the email address provided.

  1. Three Current Pictures (Waist Up - Full Body - Side View)
  2. Stats (Height, Weight, etc.)
  3. Contact info
  4. Number of days you're available to work.

If you're chosen, someone will call you. The one thing we can tell you is this – when it comes to doing extra work - you're either just what the casting directors are looking for, or not... Which means, everybody has a chance at being an extra, no matter what you look like. The key is to continue to submit yourself for the various jobs. That's all.

Remember, be patient. It may take a day, or weeks before somebody calls you.

Just keep resubmitting yourself. If you're right for a part - believe us - they'll call you.

If you have a question for Greg Clarkson, email him at
Find streets closed for filming at: Atlanta Film Office "Twitter Page" @AtlFilmEnt

BACA Casting


  (Seeking Fresh Faces)

* Seeking: Men & Women – Blue Collar Types   (All Ethnicities)   18yrs & Older

* Shoots in Norcross

* Put “Blue Collar Man, or Blue Collar Women” in subject line.

Central Casting Georgia

“Cherry Blue” (Film)  

  (Seeking Fresh Faces)

* Latino Men & Women for a shoot in Savannah, GA.   18yrs & Older  

* Put “Latino Woman, or Latino Man” in subject line.

WSA Casting



* Caucasian Woman – Long Hair, Slender w/Full Lips (think Kylie Jenner)   18 – 25yrs           

* Caucasian Man – Attractive & In-Shape  21 – 25yrs           

* Put “MODEL TYPE” in subject line.

Catrett & Associates Casting  (Casting Multiple Projects)       

“FATHOM” (Film)

  (Military Personnel for Multiple Projects)

* Men & Women w/Actual Military Experience from ANY Branch of the Armed Forces    

* All Ethnicities 18yrs & Older    

* Put “Real Military Man, or Real Military Woman” in the subject line


Get Scene Studios (Local Acting Studio)  

* Register for: The “GSS” August Special Offer – FREE Acting Class

* Send Email: w/Name, Age, Contact Info to:

* Put “CASTING CALL” in subject Line

Marion Designs 

Book Cover Models  (Photo Shoot Opportunity – Pays More $$$)

* Fit/In-Shape Muscular Men – w/a six pack.   (All Ethnicities)   18 – 35yrs

* Submit: 2 Photos (Head & Full Body) w/Stats and Contact Info to:

Casting TaylorMade

“Untitled 1980’s Projects” (Film)

   (Seeking: FRESH FACES)

* Seeking: Men & Women w/experience as a “Real Lumberjack”   18yrs & Older

* Put “Lumberjack” in subject line

Casting TaylorMade

“Untitled 1980’s Projects” (Film)

   (Seeking: FRESH FACES)

* Men/Women to portray Media Types – Reporters, Photographers, Etc.  18yrs & Older

* Men/Women to portray Government Officials – Senators, Lobbyist, Etc.  18yrs & Older 

* Lots of Asian Men & Women of All Shapes & Sizes  18yrs & Older

* Put “News Media, Government Official, Asian Man or Woman” in subject line


Casting TaylorMade

“Kevin (probably) Saves the World” (TV)


* Seeking: Hispanic & Asian Men, Women, and Kids   1 – 100yrs     

* Put “Hispanic or Asian Man, Woman, or kid” in subject line

Central Casting Georgia

“Dumplin” (Film) 

   (Starring: Jennifer Aniston)


* Beauty Queens: Young, Beautiful, Model types will FULL Pageant Gown and Regalia   If you have a performing skill or talent with props, even better…. 16 – 18yrs 

* Drag Queens: Performers will Full Drag Makeup and Outfits….18yrs & Older  

* Blonde Texas Moms: Big Blonde Hair….Late 20's – 50's  

Please come by the Central Casting Office and Register in the look that fits you best!!

* Registration is FREE – You’re then eligible for this project along with many others!

* Offices located at: 235 Peachtree St NE, (Suite 217) Atlanta, GA. 30303

* There are TWO registration sessions weekdays at 10:00am & 2:00pm SHARP!


Central Casting Georgia

“MacGyver” (TV)  

  (Seeking Fresh Faces)

* Hot/Sexy Looking Younger  Men & Women  (All Ethnicities)   18yrs & Older

* Put “Hot/Sexy Woman, or Hot/Sexy Man” in subject line.

Catrett & Associates Casting  (Casting Multiple Projects)       

“FATHOM” (Film)


* Seeking: Men & Women to portray a Crew on a Sub  18yrs & Older     

* Military Hair for Both Men and Women - Men must be clean shaven.

* IMPORTANT!!! – Shouldn't be afraid of Tight Spaces.

* Shoots: Saturday Aug. 22nd, 23rd, and 24th  (Must be available for all 3 dates)

* Put “DIVE” in the subject line

Hylton Casting

“Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court” (Court TV/Season 5)  

* Apply now to be a PAID Studio Audience Member for this Daytime Court TV Show

* Shoots: Thur November 2017  (All Ethnicities)   18yrs & Older          

* More info & how to submit, please visit:

Hylton Casting

“Couples Court with The Cutlers” (New Court TV Show)  

* Apply now to be a PAID Studio Audience Member for this Daytime Court TV Show

* Shoots: Thur September 2017  (All Ethnicities)   18yrs & Older          

* More info & how to submit, please visit:


Extras Casting Atlanta

“Untitled Upcoming Projects” (Film)

* FRESH FACES ONLY – People who haven’t submitted for previous ECA projects. 

* Men & Women – ALL Shapes, Sizes, and Ethnicities   18yrs & Older          

* Put “Male Fresh Face, or Female Fressh Face” in subject line.