Carry-out drinks now available to downtown Smyrna patrons

Bar and restaurant patrons in downtown Smyrna are no longer confined to the inside of an establishment if they want to sip on a brew or enjoy a cocktail.

Smyrna City Council Members approved a new rule that will allow bar and restaurant patrons to take their drinks to go as long as they remain in the downtown restaurant District.

"I think it's going to bring all the restaurants together and make us more of a communal area," said Kristina Lodge, general manager of the Corner Taqueria.

Lodge believes the new policy will be good for customers and businesses trying to draw in more customers during baseball season. Downtown Smyrna is just a couple of miles away from SunTrust Park

"This helps us compete with The Battery. That's a really confined space and downtown Smyrna on this Market Place are wide open, so now people can go from place to place. It's just going to be important for people to use moderation and common sense," she added.

Drinks must be in a paper or plastic cup and can be no larger than 16 oz. and patrons are not allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages.

The police department and City Hall plan to work closely with business owners and patrons to make the one plan work, but some residents have concerns.

"I think as a rule, not a good idea to have people just walking around with open containers, period. For special occasions, yes, but as a rule for every day, it just seems like it's going to turn into something like Bourbon Street. Not that there's anything wrong with Bourbon Street, I just don't want that for Smyrna," said Smyrna native Angie Hubbard.