Care Worker Back from Middle East

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It's a crisis half a world away but Holly Frew tries not to be overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.

"This is Ms. Reene and her husband and her son Muhammed," she said while pointing to a picture in her computer.

Frew is an emergency communications officer with CARE who recently returned from Jordan and Turkey. For her it comes down to one family, one struggle at a time.

"She was a teacher and her husband was an electrician. Their lives in an instant of a bomb attacking their neighborhood was just completely turned upside down and the journey to get out of the country she described it as a journey of death," said Frew, of one of the families she met.

She described a journey of death for thousands which she said have uncertain outcomes for all. A transition point for many is a refugee camp in Jordan. Frew and her boss CARE'S new CEO, former Georgia Democratic Senate Candidate, Michelle Nunn recently visited there as part of the non-profits humanitarian efforts.

"This has been the worst year of the conflict in terms of violence and displacement. They're risking their lives so they can rebuild their lives," said Frew.

She adds that in the first half of 2015 half a million Syrians were displaced. Ninety-seven percent, Frew said, have been accepted by Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. So, she said the U.S. has taken in less than a thousand.

"There's a call for the US and the global community as a whole to start accepting more responsibility of these refugees," said Frew.

She pointed to a picture with Arabic words which sum up the want to return home.

"In the home of Ms. Reene, they had Syria Darling written on the door way. They really want to go back to Syria," said Frew.

She said a donation to CARE of $50 will support a family of five with food for a month. You can find more information on the CARE website