Car thieves target high-end dealership, return 6 times

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Thieves hit a luxury car dealership, not once, not twice, but seven times in the last few weeks. Each time, the thieves have made off with high-end vehicles which they drove right through the security fence surrounding the car lot.

"What they are trying to find out is this the right key for this vehicle, and his other partners have keys in their hands so they are trying to hit the key fobs to see what cars match the keys that they have," one employee said.

Surveillance cameras captured the thieves in action the morning of June 7.

"Recently, what we've been doing is trying to barricade the inventory from being stolen is we moved the cars around in front of the fence so they couldn't take any more inventory out," said the auto dealership's inventory director.

But it hasn't stopped the bold thieves who've struck seven times in recent weeks, employees at Cobb Luxury Cars on Atlanta Road said crooks have made off with six cars so far.

"We've had a Mercedes-Benz GL 450, we've had a 535 BMW, we've had a Cadillac XLR,” said the employee said recounting the lost inventory.

The first time they broke in, crooks stole nearly 20 key fobs. They then returned, again and again, stealing cars, and plowing through the fence to get the vehicles off the lot.

"Wherever they find an area they can get out of,” said the inventory director.

Cobb County police have released few details about the investigation but employees here suspect the same crew is behind the series of break-ins. They're going public in hopes of catching the thieves before they strike again.

"Hopefully, this will bring light on it and get these guys off the street before they really hurt somebody instead of just taking a car,” said one employee.