Plan paused to turn Canton Street in Roswell into pedestrian promenade

The plan to turn a busy section of a Roswell street into a walking promenade has been paused. Tuesday night, city leaders agreed to form a task form to take a closer look at the plan and its impact.

"Nothing says ‘Welcome’ like a closed street in front of your restaurant," said Ryan Pernice, who owns two restaurants along Canton Street.

Like other business owners in the immediate area, Ryan Pernice was shocked to learn several weeks ago that there were plans to shut down a portion of the bustling road to traffic.

"We have these businesses we've invested millions of dollars in and all of a sudden we see on Facebook that the street in front of our restaurant is going to be closed," said Pernice.

While the mayor and other city leaders believed it would bring an even more energetic vibe to the area, many business owners believe it will add to the parking and traffic problems, and would hurt their businesses.

City leaders agreed to form a task force made up of city leaders, business owners, and residents to take a closer look at the impact of Canton Street becoming a walkable promenade.

"Look at the impact and make sure we have all the plans as we go forward, if we create a promenade," said city council member Peter Vanstrom.

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A plan to close of a busy section of Canton Street in Roswell has been paused to allow business owners and community leaders to take a closer look at the proposal. (FOX 5)

"I want to make sure we're listening to them, but I also want to make sure they're thriving and making money," said council member Lee Hills.

No matter what happens down the road, Pernice sees this as a step in the right direction.

"It went from this is happening, the road is closing, to now we're at a point where we have a little more insight in the process. That I call a win," said Pernice.

While there's no timeframe as to when the task force will be formed and how long before they come up with a recommendation on how to proceed, it won't be Memorial Day, as was the initial plan.