Calhoun convenience store hostage ends, suspect in custody

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A hostage situation at a Calhoun convenience store ended late Friday morning when police announced they arrested a suspect. 

Georgia State Patrol and Calhoun Police responded to the scene at the convenience store due to a possible hostage situation, according to the Gordon Gazette.

The A-Night Convenience store is located at the intersection of Dews Pond Road and Lovers Lane. 

Several businesses near the store were evacuated. FOX 5 News was the first television on the scene. We spoke with a man who was held at gunpoint in the situation. He tells FOX 5 "I thought he [the suspect] knew us at first and was playing a joke, then he started waiving a gun." 

Police say the suspect drove to the store in a burgundy-colored truck and ran into stacks of beer that were being loaded into the store by workers. The man then, according to witnesses, approached another vehicle that drove him to a nearby gold course. It was there, police say, the suspect was apprehended without incident. 

According to police, "the threat is over," and the investigation has ended. The suspect's name has not been released.