Butts County sheriff interviewed by FBI about Clayton County jail excessive force allegations

FOX 5 News has learned another sheriff in metro Atlanta could become a witness in the federal investigation centered around Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill.

Butts County Sheriff Gary Long says back in April 2020, members of Sheriff Victor Hill's SWAT team came to Butts County with long rifles and heavy armory looking for a businessman who was having a civil dispute with one of Hill's deputies. Their presence was so unusual, Sheriff Long says curious residents started calling him.

"I got calls from concern citizens. I got angry and told Clayton County to leave.   I believe it was overkill for a misdemeanor warrant," Sheriff Long said.

The attorney for the unnamed Butts County businessman says he turned himself in on the harassing communication misdemeanor warrant, but it is what allegedly happened once the businessman was in custody at the jail that got the FBI's attention. Wednesday, FOX 5 reported federal agents executed a search warrant in Hill's office.

Sources familiar with the federal investigation say it involves excessive force complaints dealing specifically with the Butts County businessman being placed in a restraint chair. The chair looks similar to the one used in Gwinnett County that the FOX 5 I-Team has reported about in the past.

Gwinnett County jail policy forbids the use of the restraint chair to punish an inmate. The chairs are only supposed to be used to prevent an inmate from harming himself or damaging government property.

Butts County Sheriff Long confirms he has been interviewed by the FBI as part of the ongoing probe but says he cannot talk about his statements to federal agents.

Thursday afternoon, FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor reached one of Hill's attorneys who had very little to say.

"They only executed a search warrant. I am just getting into the case and will have more for you later," the lawyer concluded. He did not return calls or emails Friday.

Meanwhile, the Butts County businessman says he may respond to the fiasco Monday.