Burgers With Buck takes over Bob's Bar-B-Q in Carrollton

What is it about BBQ restaurants and burgers?

At a long running, family owned restaurant with Bar-B-Q on the sign, of course you expect great 'Cue and some fantastic southern side dishes to go along with it.  What you don't always expect is, but maybe you should, is a great burger. 

Unlike ordering sushi at a fast food establishment (always a bad idea), ordering a burger at a BBQ joint is not only acceptable, but many times, recommended.  That's certainly the case at Billy Bob's Bar-B-Q in Carrollton, Ga.  To be clear, this is not in any way a criticism of their BBQ, but rather a compliment to their burger.

And speaking of compliments, #BurgersWithBuck is, once again, humbled by receiving the ultimate honor for a burger lover.  It's called the #CowboyBuckBurger, but it could also be called a delicious mess.  It's starts with a Black Angus patty, topped with cheese, thick sliced bacon, and grilled onions.  Next comes the messy part complete with spicy BBQ chipotle sauce, hickory sauce, and chili.  On the other side of the bun is lettuce and tomato, and when you put it all together it's enough to make you yell, "yippee ki-yay" and "pass me some more napkins".

This is the third burger that has been named in honor of #BWB and has become a permanent addition to the menu of a local restaurant.  For what it's worth, all three have been BBQ restaurants.  If, or should I say when you try a Cowboy Buck Burger...let me know what you think.

Billy Bob's Bar-B-Q is also a great place to go on Friday nights in the fall before the Carrollton Trojans football team plays a home game at Grisham Stadium at Historic Trojan Field which is located behind the Billy Bob's.

For more information on Billy Bob's Bar-B-Q including their menu and daily specials, go to their Facebook page at facebook.com/bill.green.7583992.

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