Burger joint turns into butcher shop for those who’d rather dine at home

As restaurants struggle to stay open, one eatery in Peachtree City is selling raw meat for customers who would rather dine at home. It’s grass fed beef and chicken for now and they plan to include fresh salmon this weekend. Some of these items have been difficult to find find in grocery stores that were overwhelmed by shoppers preparing for long stays at home. 

Grazing Here specializes in healthy meats for their burgers and chicken.

“It has no hormones and no additives,” said Rhonda Epstein, General Manager. 

Grazing Here is now selling its meat out the door uncooked.  Turning its kitchen into a sort of butcher shop. Keeping their doors open and keeping some of their staff still working. 

James Fisher, a server and bartender,  had been sent home when business slowed down in the dining room. But was called back Thursday morning to help sell the restaurant uncooked specialty meat and potatoes. 

“It was good to get that call because schedules had been cut back when things slowed down after the weekend,” Fisher said. 

Grazing Here is selling chicken and beef, as well as the potatoes that would normally be sliced for homemade fries. They say you don’t even have to come inside. They will bring your order out to your car. 

By staying open the restaurant is helping its suppliers too, according to Epstein. 

You can find Grazing Here online.  Call ahead and place your order.