Buckhead restaurant owner opens up about racist encounter with customer

An Atlanta restaurant owner is speaking out about a customer who sent her racist and threatening text messages. 

Tse-chih Chang and her husband are the owner of the Grand China Restaurant. 

The couple has received a lot of love since they opened in 1978 in Buckhead

"We serve on snow days, rainy days, and all the holidays. We did our best to serve the community," Chang said. 

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However, Chang said Sunday was the first time she's been a victim of racism. 

She said it all started when a customer wanted to cancel a delivery order because it was running late. 

"You cancel the order, that's fine. We respect that. but it's going to take a while to give you a refund. We'll give you a refund, don't worry about it," Chang said. 

Chang said the woman continued to call the restaurant, with two different phone numbers and said she would continue to do so until she got her money back. 

"After we gave the credit, we took a photo and sent it to her cell phone. That's when she sent us nasty and hate crime text messages."

The texts insulted Chang, threatened physical harm, and blamed her for COVID-19

Chang said the woman called again on Monday afternoon and called her an expletive. 

"I feel sad because we've been here, serving the community for over 40 years," Chang said. 

She said it's disheartening to know the great lengths people will go through to bring others down. 

"The community has to try to get along and support each other. We should respect each other, and we should not look down upon or trash any race," she said. 

Chang said she has no bad feelings toward the customer, but she just wants the harassment to stop. 

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