Bought an item then it goes on sale? No worries. There's an app for that

Don't you hate it when you buy something then soon after it's on sale? We all do. But don't give up on that better price.

Our I-Team photographer brought us his experience to share. He saw a big sale at a favorite retailer. He paid just more than $200 for clothes that would have cost him nearly $336. A great deal, right? But it was still a bummer when he saw the next week the sale go deeper - 50 percent off. So he called the retailer. And just like that, they sent him the difference. He got a refund of $33.59.

Now the retailer doesn't have to do this, but if they're game do it. Here are three ways to go - ask for the difference, check to see if your credit card offers price protection – although as a standard perk that seems to be fading, and finally, return the items and buy them again.

Or, you can use check out three apps that can help catch a sale after you've brought the goodies home. Sift is for Amazon and online purchases. It'll remember warranty dates and price drops, but it takes a cut. Also, there's Paribus, which scans your email inbox and lets you know if there's a price drop. And one more -- Earny, which works for retailer and hotels.

Good luck! Now go save some money.