Blaise Barnett: Police release 911 audio related to 1-year-old Georgia child's disappearance

Police released audio from three calls to 911 related to the kidnapping of 1-year-old boy Blaise Barnett

Clarkston police said Blaise Barnett was sleeping inside a stolen 2002 Ford Explorer and found the next day inside a woman's car. 

FOX 5 Atlanta has obtained audio of three 911 calls: Blaise's father reporting the child and the Explorer were missing, the man who found the SUV, and the woman who discovered Blaise in her van. 

FOX 5 Atlanta has transcribed notable portions of the audio.


A man who identified himself as Xavier Barnett, Blaise's father, called 911 early on Nov. 10. He said he called minutes after he noticed the car was missing with his son inside. 

Caller 1: Somebody just stole my car and my son is in there. … I just took my nephew in the house and put my bags in the house. I came outside and everything gone.

Operator: Your son was in there, how old is your son?

Caller 1: He just turned one. (voices in background)

Operator: How many minutes ago was that, sir?

Caller 1: Ten minutes ago, this was like five, 10 minutes ago. 

Later that afternoon, a man identified as James Dent called Clarkston police saying he happened upon the stolen vehicle. 

By the time Dent called, police issued a Levi's Call related to Blaise's disappearance, which had developed into a national search. 

Caller 2: The SUV yall looking for with the baby in it, I just left from Clarkston and I was talking to someone in the store, something told me to stop and look in up here in Brandy Hill … There's an SUV parked all the way in the back here and there's somebody sitting out here. I asked this white lady if she'd seen anyone walking by. But I see the SUV up here.

Operator: OK, one moment.

The operator gathered some information about Dent's location.

Caller 2: (seconds pass) Man, this ain't nobody but God. 

Operator: Are you just calling to give a report?

Caller 2: Yeah, definitely. … I didn't take the car, I walked up on it, I just seen it. I don't even know if the baby is still in it.

Operator: What description do you have for the vehicle you see?

Caller 2: It's like a Ford Explorer it's got Georgia tags on it with tinted windows

Operator: What color?

Caller 2: Gray. I just left from Clarkson. Ma'am, I had pulled over there because I had seen it on the news.

Police discovered Blaise was not in the car. He was found the next day on Rogers Street. The caller, who said she found the baby crawling in her van, wasn't sure the gender of the child and told the operator she didn't know about the search for the child.

Caller 3: Someone left a baby in a car seat in my van. I don't know how long it's been there.

Operator: A baby in a car seat?

Caller 3: Yes, I just went out to get in there

Operator: How old is the baby?

Caller 3: It looks about maybe not even a year

Operator: And it's in your car now?

Caller 3: I took her out of the car because she'd gotten out of the car seat and was crawling on the floor of my van with all of the dirt. I took her inside to wash her face off and now she's sitting on my couch. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl. I know her diaper's wet but I haven't looked yet. 

Caller 3: (seconds pass) I can't believe this. 

Operator: stay on the phone with me, ok? What's the child wearing?

Caller 3: A diaper and a little blue sleeveless t-shirt with dolphins or whales on it.

Operator: Dinosaurs?

Caller 3: Looks more like whales or dolphins. And blue socks. 

A child, apparently Blaise Barnett, can be heard crying in the background as the caller consoles him. 

Caller 3: I don't know how long she's been in there. She could have been there overnight because that's the first time I came out today.