Beyoncé slays Atlanta: BeyHive comes dressed for the occasion

The Queen Bey is in Atlanta. Beyoncé played her first of three concerts at Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the BeyHive was buzzing the whole night.

FOX 5 was there as people from across the country, even internationally, pouring into downtown Atlanta Friday night. While most were from Georgia, some who spoke to FOX 5 say they came from Memphis and two women even flew three hours from Bermuda to attend.

"I mean it’s Beyoncé! That’s all you need to know…Honestly she’s a role model, I think for a lot of Black girls and a lot of girls in general but for a lot of Black girls she’s a role model, ultimate role model," said Toneka Hayward.

The crowd was dressed to impress. Some took the "renaissance" theme literally. One man came in chainmail.

"I bought it off Amazon for $100. So, it wasn’t that bad. But yeah, it’s a little heavy. It is a lot heavier, but it’s okay. I’m gonna survive. It’s for Beyoncé, I love you Bey!" the man said.

The energy during the first night of the Renaissance World Tour was high.

AJ McAllister drove five hours from Memphis to be there and wasn’t about to not get dressed up.

"It’s amazing. Like, first of all, I didn’t even wear this on a day-to-day basis. I said, let me put on a crop top for my girl," said McAllister.

As for why fans respond so much to Beyoncé.

"We’re living in a time where minority, not just Black, but minority groups are being attacked politically. And everything she’s represented across her career kind of touches bases with minority groups. And so, I know she made a comment that this is a celebration to her. And so I feel celebrated," said McAllister.

Even Atlanta’s skyline welcomes the boundary-pushing performer.

"I’m prepared to levitate! I’m prepared for my voice to be gone tomorrow, and yeah, that too, that too," said Kenyatta and Nyima Kinloch.

Two more concerts, one Saturday and another Monday, will round out Beyoncé’s stop in Atlanta.