Bear breaks into house, explores for five hours while homeowner sleeps

A bear found its way into a Colorado home, wandered around, and took snacks from the fridge.

When Chris O’Dubrhraic woke on July 4, he found a mess in his kitchen. A surveillance video revealed that a bear had wandered around his home for five hours while O’Dubrhraic slept.

The surveillance footage shows the bear, which came in through a closed window, standing on its hind legs and opening the fridge with ease. He can also be seen walking through the house, exploring each room.

“It’s unsettling to know that something that powerful and something that untamed and potentially dangerous is roaming around your house for five hours,” said O’Dubrhraic.

After realizing what happened, O’Dubrhraic called the police and wildlife officials. Unfortunately, the bear was then put down.

“It was unfortunate,” said Corey Adler of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “We don’t like doing it, but for everyone’s safety that’s what we have to do.”