Bat-wielding homeowner confronts thief in Canton

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A Canton homeowner picked up a baseball bat to fight back when he saw his truck getting broken into, but what he didn't expect was that thief was armed with a gun.

That confrontation happening on Oconee Way early Thursday morning. The homeowner chuckles as he recounts that it probably wasn’t the smartest decision he has ever made to go after the man was broke into his truck just after 4 a.m.

The homeowner's Australian Shepheard started barking nonstop, so he got up to see what all the commotion was about. He chased after the thief's car managing to get one good whack in, but seconds later the unthinkable happened.

In all, the armed thief shot five times, hitting area cars and once into this homeowner’s garage door. The bullet went in, came out the siding of his front door, ricocheted off the molding, and then back into the siding.

Surveillance video Canton Police released to FOX 5 News shows at least one of the suspects involved in the car break-in.