Bad weather is coming, tips on what you need to do from Georgia Power

It is forecasted to be stormy weather moving into the state on Saturday. It should cause it to be messy and potentially dangerous.

Georgia Power has been monitoring the storm for days.

"We have sister power companies in Mississippi and Alabama so we can track the storm and damage it causes as it passes over into Georgia," said Meredith Stone with Georgia Power.


With the heavy rain and strong, gusty wind, trees and powerlines are likely to come down.  Georgia Power says they have crews ready to roll out to the hardest-hit areas.

They also say if you have an outage, report it.  Don't assume someone else already has.

"They might think my whole neighborhood is out, I don't need to report my outage, but we need a good scope of what we're looking at," said Stone.

Once the storm moves through, you're encouraged to stay inside.  Let the pros handle the damage.

"We know after the storm people want to go outside to see the damage. We really recommend folks stay inside, let our crews do the dangerous work.  We don't want anyone stepping on powerlines," said Stone.

What you can do is make sure your emergency kit is stocked up in case power is out for a while.

"Making sure you have bottled water, any medications you might need, and make sure your electronics are charged that way if you do have a power outage you can still stay connected," said Stone.

Stone also recommends you keep an eye on Geogia Power's website and social media.  You'll be able to see where the power outages are and get a time frame for when power will be restored.