Georgia restaurant apologizes for 'offensive' Halloween decoration after social media controversy

A Georgia restaurant is apologizing for a controversial Halloween decoration that was criticized on social media.

In a statement released Monday, Doc's Porchside restaurant in Augusta, Georgia said it removed the decoration, which was a  zombie hanging from a noose with its head covered and hands tied behind its back.

The decoration began receiving attention on social media after a Facebook post went viral showing the hanging zombie. The post quickly received over 6,000 shares and hundreds of comments.

Camisa Riggins, an TikTok user and Augusta local, posted multiple videos about video the decoration, calling it offensive.

"People say it looks like it's a Black hand. Like what? And they're just sitting by it like it's not a hanging person," she said. "Whether it's a Halloween decor or not like what? What makes you think this is OK? Not in Augusta."

In another video, Riggins pointing out multiple names of items on the menu including the "Mason-Dixon Burger," the "Dixie Fries" and the "Redneck Egg Roll."

After the backlash, Doc's Porchside removed the hanging decoration and posted an apology on its Facebook page, saying "our intention was a Halloween theme, and we're sorry for the offensive nature."

"We are a locally-owned, diverse team and we strive to create an enjoyable experience for everyone," the restaurant wrote.