Atlanta's top cop breaks down the numbers of officer manpower

The Atlanta Police Department needs 500 more officers. 

That figure comes from a budget briefing continuing this week at Atlanta City Hall.

Council members asked Chief Rodney Bryant for specifics on manpower -- a subject that has been hotly debated.

Manpower has risen to one of the major concerns in light of the chronic problem in the city of individuals turning to guns to settle arguments.

APD has a funded authorization of 2,048 cops.

Chief Rodney Bryant, and his administration staff, broke down the numbers showing that when you count vacancies and the recruit hires who have not yet earned a badge, Atlanta has just over 1,500 officers available for duty today.

Dustin Hillis, who chairs the council public safety panel, asked if a take home car program might help APD recruit more officers.

Chief Bryant said that is one item under consideration but "we have work to do to look at that".