Atlanta's 311 call center to start handling certain calls 911 used to handle

Atlanta’s overwhelmed emergency 911 call center could see a bit of relief when it comes to non-emergency calls.

Atlanta’s 311 call center, the city’s non-emergency line, is stepping in to help sort through some of the calls.

The partnership between the 911 and 311 call centers are focusing on public indecency calls right now. These are the first types of calls Atlanta 911 operators will immediately send to 311.

From there, supportive services will obtain additional information about the situation and submit a PAD community response referral.

The PAD program, which stands for Policing Alternatives and Diversion initiative, works to reduce arrests of people experiencing mental health crises, substance abuse, or homelessness.

Operators at 311 are trained to handle these calls to alleviate lines at the 911 center. 

While only the public indecency calls will be patched through to 311, officials say they hope to add others as the partnership continues.