Atlanta police officer gifts mother of 5 a vehicle

An Atlanta police officer went beyond the badge to gift a mother of five a vehicle.  The mother recently expressed she couldn’t get back and forth to work and had recently escaped from a domestic situation.

“I’m always trying to find different ways I can give and help people,” longtime Atlanta Police Officer Veronica Campbell said.

It’s this passion and motto that goes through 27-year Atlanta Police Officer Veronica Campbell’s mind when she puts on her badge every day.

That’s why it came as no surprise when she made a huge gift to a young mother of five and a domestic abuse survivor.

“I knew that this mother needed a new lease on life and she needed to know that the Atlanta Police Department had officers willing to make the sacrifice when they go out into the community,” Campbell said.

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Campbell works with the Atlanta Police Foundations ‘At Promise Center‘ giving back to the community

“To me that’s big. It’s service before self. When you sign up to be a law enforcement officer that’s what you’re there to do,” Campbell said.

Campbell said she knew the struggles the woman went through to get back and forth to work so she gifted her a vehicle she owned.

“I had a vehicle and I just decided to give it to her and she would be able to put it to better use than me,” Campbell said.

“Strangers will go a long way to help you more than anyone else so this is a true blessing,” The Emotional Mother said.

“No matter who you are we can all give a helping hand during this pandemic,” Campbell said.

This isn’t a onetime thing either. Every year, Campbell helps to organize toy drives and other community events geared towards the youth in her community.

“That comes from within me. I believe it’s better to give than to receive,” Campbell said.

Campbell knows this is a time where some police departments are under a microscope and she hopes her actions will help bridge the gap between the police and those they serve.

“For them to really look at us as people first and officers second. When they see us they should see help, caring, passion and resources,” Campbell said.

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