Atlanta mental health professionals provide free, online therapy for members of the Black community

Three local health care professionals are teaming up to provide free online therapy for members of the Black community. These courses are for Black teenagers and mothers of Black sons in the state of Georgia. 

Stacy Franklin, the owner of Access Counseling and Coaching, is one of the therapists behind this program. Franklin said the idea for this program came out of necessity when they realized programs like these don't exist in the community. 

Making the programs free and virtual help to break down two barriers that often stand in the way of a person seeking mental health. 

"Being able to make it a virtual program certainly broadens the access. But then to make it a free program, only serves to take it to another level and remove another barrier," Franklin said. 

The 8-week courses will focus on expressing and navigating feelings brought on by recent events and racial injustices.

For teens, the program will be an interactive and fun approach to therapy. 

"Giving them a safe platform, a safe environment to be able to express their emotions openly about how they feel and what they're experiencing," Franklin said. 

As for the course for mothers of Black sons, the focus will be tackling the complex emotions surrounding the current events. 

"[There is] this feeling of helplessness and even despair and hopelessness, and you add on then the guilt you feel of not being able to protect your children," Franklin said. 

For Franklin, this program is not just work. It's also personal and a way to ensure her voice is heard during these difficult times. 

Franklin is battling stage four breast cancer. She said that makes it difficult for her to take part in peaceful protests. 

However, between treatments and the physical toll it's taking on her body, she's still helping clients and using what she can to help make a difference. 

Trying to use what she can to make an impact. 

"How can we use our gift, how can we use our platform and meet the needs of our community at such a critical, critical time?" Franklin said. 

You can find more about the two programs here