Atlanta, DeKalb County combat street racing on Moreland Avenue

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People living and working near Moreland Avenue in East Atlanta said they've had their share of the problems from speeding and street racing on city streets. But with temperatures heating up and the weekend approaching, they're worried the dangerous driving will get out of hand again.

Atlanta and DeKalb County police have targeted that stretch of Moreland Avenue over the years. FOX 5 News reported on officers making arrests even towing cars and bikes. But just last Sunday, there was a serious crash on the street where police believe the driver was speeding from a spot notorious for reckless driving.

Two cars directly involved. Another car was damaged by flying debris. According to the incident report obtained by FOX 5 News, officers believe speeding may have played a role and that's speeding away from the parking lot of a plaza, a spot known for dangerous car and ATV rides late on weekend nights.

According to the incident report, witnesses said the driver in the yellow vehicle was speeding on Moreland Avenue before slamming into a car on Moreland Drive. They also told police officers this happened after that same driver took off from this plaza down the street. The report states the yellow car sped away from the plaza parking lot at a high rate of speed.

Atlanta police said it will continue to work with DeKalb County police to address the ongoing issue of racing and reckless driving on Moreland Avenue.

The department goes on to say in a statement, “This is a serious issue and we will continue to bring resources to bear and put those reckless drivers in jail."