APD tells operator to unboot cars parked in a private lot in midtown

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The Atlanta Police Department evens the playing field for a group of motorists caught parking in the wrong spot in Midtown.

Several motorists got the boot when they left a large lot on Ponce de Leon Avenue to go into Green's liquor store on Saturday.

WATCH: APD gives booter the boot over license issue

The property owner had the right to enforce its parking policy. However, when officers were called to the location, it was determined that one worker with the booting operator had an expired license to boot.

So officers asked, and the SBS Company complied, and removed the immobilizing devices. Each motorist was saved $75.

Richard Spear, the operations chief for SBS, said the worker had been hired part time to act as a spotter and was not supposed to attach the devices.

Atlanta police issued a citation.

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