Another Midtown apartment break-in leaves residents questioning how thieves are getting in

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There's been a string of break-ins at his upscale high-rise apartment building in Midtown and one resident thinks kindness to strangers could be to blame. He believes criminals are walking right through the front door.

"Someone who was not supposed to be here as able to get in, unnoticed," said resident Russell Glorioso

Glorioso came home from a business trip to find his Juniper Street apartment in shambles.

"And I come home to my door completely ripped open, it was unlocked," he said.

Although the door frame was heavily damaged on the inside, he said the door showed little damage from the front, and that the crime may have gone unnoticed for days.

"I thought this was a very safe apartment but clearly there are these break-ins in these units," he said.

Glorioso said he's not the only one to come home to this scene in his building recently.

"There were actually two on the floor above me that happened just before Memorial Day," Glorioso explained.

And even though Glorioso does not know who is responsible for the crimes, he suspects neighbors holding open outside doors for others not knowing who they are letting in.

"They think that someone is coming to see their friends or something like that, and they just let them in without checking," Glorioso said.

He said he's seen it time and time again.

Russell said his building management has tried to help, even offering safety classes to residents in the wake of the break-ins. Police reports were reportedly taken in each of the cases, but authorities have not alerted residents to any arrests.

He said it's not out of the question that one of the crooks has a key fob, after all, it's required at least twice to access his upper floor. But until police or building security is able to find the culprit, Glorioso said he's not taking any chances.

"I think it's a little scary to think we are just letting strangers in the building because once they are in, they are in."