Animals moved to Georgia ahead of Hurricane Florence

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A Facebook post sent from Jackson, Georgia aims to help people in the path of Hurricane Florence find shelter for their animals. People throughout the country have taken notice.

“I can't thank these guys enough, everybody that is donating space, stalls, pastures or whatever,” says Angel Brainard of Ravenel, South Carolina. “They have a kindness in their heart to do this for people they don't even know.”

Brainard saw the post written by Donna Popp. Popp has a ranch with 50 acres of land. She's offered to house animals. Brainard arranged for four of her horses to be transported to Popp's property so they could be safe from the storm.

“I thought about that like 'what would I do if we were in that situation', says Popp. “I've got all this land here and plenty of room, and it just seemed like the right thing to do.”

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By Thursday evening, the post had been shared more the 119,000 times on Facebook.

Popp says she's given her address and phone number to so many people she doesn't know who's on the way. She says some people have run into problems while trying to get to her ranch. She hopes they will be able to get their pets to safety.

Popp has owned this property for 17 years. She says every time there is a hurricane she extends the offer. For some reason, the message took off this time around. She’s glad her post resonated with people.

“I think our country is just so split in so many ways that a lot of what I got was 'you've renewed my faith in humanity' or 'there needs to be more people doing like you're doing'”, Popp told FOX 5's Kerry Charles.

She's even rallied a local animal shelter to help with dogs that may arrive.

“I love her to pieces. I've been in touch with her all the time,” says Brainard. “Hopefully, Donna and I will be very good friends after this.”


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