Alpharetta police warn parents not to drive under the influence

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Alpharetta police have issued an urgent warning for parents. Over the past few weeks, officers have arrested several parents who were under the influence of narcotics or alcohol while driving with their kids. The most recent case involved the arrest of a man who had three children in his back seat.

FOX 5 News obtained video from one of those stops.

WATCH: Police warn against parents driving under the influence with children

“Good evening, I'm officer Knoll with the Alpharetta Police Department. The reason I stopped you is your speed on Milton Parkway. Where are you headed. You OK?” the Officer Knoll is heard saying on the video.

It didn’t take officer Knoll long to figure out something was not right with the driver, Antonio Jackson.

“You feeling OK? I'm wondering because your looking down the whole time. You haven't looked at me yet. I'm just trying to make sure everything is ok,” Officer Knoll is heard on the video saying to Jackson.

Officer Knoll has Jackson get out of the car. Jackson told Officer Knoll he had not been drinking, but Officer Knoll said he could smell the alcohol on him. But what makes matters worse, is who all was in the car with him

“How old are the kids back there?” Officer Knoll is heard saying. Jackson replied “14 months, four, and six.”

Officer Knoll checked Jackson's eyes, had him walk a line, and stand on one foot, but by the end, Jackson was in handcuffs.

“It's troubling, the children were in the car, but we're starting to see more and more instances where this is case,” said Officer George Gordon, Alpharetta Police Department.

Officer Gordon said they have arrested parents who were driving while overmedicated, on illegal narcotics, or under the influence of alcohol.

“Just get a designated driver, it's that simple,” said Officer Gordon.

In Jackson's case, he had a plethora of charges. First he was driving on a suspended license, he had warrants for his arrest out of Forsyth County and Milton, and that was topped off with new charges of DUI and child endangerment.

“There's three innocent children in that car that could have easily gotten hurt,” said Officer Gordon.

The passenger in this case, was sober and after Jackson was placed in the back of the police car, she drove off.

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