Aging vet holds Atlanta to task on ADA compliance

He is in a wheelchair, but said that should not affect his ability to get around in the city of Atlanta.

In fact, it does and John Gross is fighting to change that. Gross said the city has a lot of work to do before it is fair to the disabled community, so he took to City Hall on Monday

There are thousands of residents who have to depend on a wheelchair to get around. It may be difficult to know just how difficult that can be, unless you are at a bird's eye view and took the opportunity to follow an elderly, retired vet on his challenge trying to navigate the city streets.

Unfortunately, John said he has to use the horn on his wheelchair often due to the layout of Atlanta streets which can place him in harm's way.

The retired army veteran went to Atlanta City Hall to give council members an earful about what still must be done to make the city more livable for the disabled. His rally cry comes some five years after federal officials told the city to do just that.

There are places where a scooter can move off one corner on one side, but face a 12-inch high obstacle on the other. Gross told the local lawmakers he is fed up.

“I'm not going to allow you people to do it to us anymore. It is our right to have unobstructed travels. I don't have continuous travels and I have to cross Peachtree, and cross another street, and that is wrong in downtown Atlanta,” said Gross.

Districts are divided in 12 land areas and voters passed an infrastructure measures to fund $51 million with America with Disables Act improvements. He left City Hall and vowed to keep the pressure on until those improvements are made.

The district council member who represents downtown, Kwanza Hall, told FOX 5 News he heard the message from John Gross loud and clear. He said he is committed, along with his colleagues, to make sure these sidewalk improvements and curb cuts are put in the right spot.

Gross’ impassioned address to the council coincidentally fell on the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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