After 2 weeks, Lawrenceville school zone speed cameras catch thousands of drivers speeding

On the streets of Lawrenceville, drivers have a need for speed.

"People are in a hurry everywhere they go today," said Tony Holcomb.

Those "lead feet" led police to add speed cameras in school zones. Holcomb knows the problem very well; he lives near Winn Holt Elementary.

"I walk to the store almost everyday and people are flying up and down the road," he said.

The cameras are in place outside six schools in Lawrenceville. They went live for the first time on August 3. As of Monday, more than 4,700 people have been caught speeding.

"It's just kind of alarming that people really aren't paying attention," said Lt. Jake Parker with the Lawrenceville Police Department.

The automated school zone cameras operate just four hours a day. Two hours in the morning around the first bell and two hours at the end of the school day.

Drivers only get cited if they go at least 11 miles over the limit.

"It was surprising for us," Lt. Parker said. "We would think people would be a lot more conscience of 'hey we're entering a school zone.’ Especially if you're from around the area, you're a local you know where the school zones are."

For now, only warnings are being issued, but that ends September 5. The first offense costs $100, and each one after that will cost $125.

Before a warning or fine is issued, an officer verifies and approves it. Lt. Parker says they are seeing way more speeders than they projected and that is prompting them to rethink the review process.

"At this point, the officer was doing it part of the day in addition to other duties and now we realize it's going to have to be an officer's full-time job to review these," he said.

The goal of the speed cameras is safety in school zones and police hope drivers start slowing down to keep kids safe.

Lawrenceville installed cameras around Benefield Elementary School, Central Gwinnett High School, Discovery High School, Lawrenceville Elementary School, Oakland Meadow School, and Winn Holt Elementary School.