Adorable newborns dress up as Thanksgiving meal at The Woman's Hospital of Texas

Kenzie is dressed as a turkey.

There was an adorable "Thanksgiving meal" at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas this week.

Five newborns were dressed up as classic Thanksgiving menu items: turkey, corn on the cob, sweet potato casserole, a loaf of bread and, of course, a chef.


Meihlani is dressed as corn on the cob.


Dadyrak is dressed as a sweet potato casserole.

These newborns certainly take the expression, "you’re so cute, I could just eat you up," to another level!

Each baby was born this week at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas – just in time to enjoy their first Thanksgiving!


Leo is dressed as a loaf of bread.


Matthew is dressed as a slice of pumpkin pie.

"Our team is committed to providing women with the best possible care in every way, every day. We work to make each woman’s birth experience uniquely special to her, and we love adding holiday magic to the experience!" said Elizabeth Ortega, CEO of The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. "The Woman’s Hospital of Texas delivers, on average, more than 1,000 babies per month... and they are the cutest! Our devoted nurses and care team are always looking for new, precious ways to go above and beyond for patients and make holidays extra special for them.”

Each baby in the hospital tomorrow will receive a special hat to keep them warm and festive on their first Thanksgiving!


Finn made a perfect cook.