Abrams campaign continues push to count all ballots in race

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The Abrams campaign says it continuous to hear from thousands of voters who were denied the right to vote in Tuesday’s election.

Friday, the Stacy Abrams campaign held a news conference that featured several voters who have become the face of what they call voter suppression.

“I am one of the thousands of Georgians who was denied their constitutional right to vote, despite requesting an absentee ballot, from DeKalb County and even calling the voter hotline, it never came,” complained doctoral student Nedghie Adrien Who is studying in Boston.

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“They denied me a ballot, they said I registered at a different place and made me drive 30 minutes away,“ loathed East Point resident Casembe Jackson.

“I finally received what I thought was my ballot only to see they had rejected my application and denied my right to vote even though I had voted in a previous election in the state of Georgia, a frustrated Tate Delgado reflected. Delgado is a University of Southern California student who said several fellow students from Georgia received the same denial.

“I was deterred from voting on Election Day after returning to my polling location three times and being told there was a two to four hour wait,” voter Arena Hegate said with regret.

It appears to be an uphill battle to reach the 25,000 votes the Abrams camp says its needs to force a runoff, but campaign officials say more votes and even a favorable ruling by a judge in Albany, Georgia Friday helps their cause.

“Dougherty County has a temporary restraining order on the certification of their election until a judge decides that all the provisional and absentee ballots have been counted.,” Abrams campaign manager Lauren Grogan-Wargo.

The weary supporters and volunteers vowed they will not stop until every vote is counted. They also indicated that Abrams herself, who has been out of the spotlight since Tuesday's election, will likely address these voter issues publically very soon.

Kemp’s campaign is ready to turn the page and released a statement Friday afternoon about the situation.

“On Tuesday, Brian Kemp earned the most votes of any gubernatorial candidate in state history. The people of Georgia have spoken. Stacey Abrams should listen to them and concede immediately,” signed Kemp Campaign Communications Director Ryan Mahoney.