93-year-old Pennsylvania woman's viral coronavirus plea for more beer answered by Coors Light

A 93-year-old woman from Pennsylvania used the powers of the internet to keep a stock of beer while doing her part to “flatten the curve” amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Olive Veronesi posed in her window with a dry erase board that read “I NEED MORE BEER!!” while holding a can of Coors Light, KDKA-TV reported

The image has been widely shared and has been seen by over a million people on the KDKA Facebook page.

Veronesi hasn't left her home since the stay-at-home orders began and she was down to just two cans of Coors light. Fortunately, Coors Light came through and delivered to their friend. According to KDKA-TV's Darren Rovell, 150 cans arrived at her house Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 


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