$70K worth of guns recovered from armed robbery of pawn shop

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FOX 5 got an exclusive look at the $70,000 worth of guns recovered by Forsyth County deputies, after authorities said on the morning of New Year's Eve, seven armed robbers drove into a local pawn shop and randsacked the business.

"Keeping 122 guns out of the hands of criminals probably saved somebody's life," said Sheriff Ron Freeman, who started his job as the county's elected Sheriff just that morning.

Sheriff Freeman and other authorities call the arrests a major break in their efforts to crack down on the numerous smash-and-grab thefts of guns in gun stores and pawn shops, Metro and statewide.  

Deputies said the New Year's Eve ordeal started shortly before 5:30 a.m., as the seven robbers drove a truck through Forsyth County Pawn, filled their backpacks with guns, and confronted a store worker who was inside; deputies said the worker fired at  the men, who fled. 

Deputies chased the suspects and their vehicle to Alpharetta, where authorities there said the getaway vehicle lost a wheel, and the seven suspects jumped out of the vehicle and fled.

After a search of the area for several hours along with Cumming Police, Milton Police, Alpharetta Police and Georgia State Patrol, authorities said they nabbed six individuals, including a juvenile. Alpharetta Police said Altavious Jackson is still on the run.

"Normally we have not been able to find these folks. This group, this teamwork, were the first group to be able to take these folks into custody," Sheriff Freeman said, who is working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to tie the suspects to other cases.

The six individuals are charged with armed robbery.


If anyone has information, please contact Detective Norton at 770-781-3087.