6 Clayton County officers called heroes after pulling man from burning home

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The six Clayton County police officer who worked to pull a man from his burning home last week spoke for the first time Monday.

The whole thing was life-saving rescue was caught on camera. It took the six officers working as a team to get the man out of the mobile home which was melting around him in the blaze.

It all happened the morning of July 1 at the Deer Creek Mobile Home Park in Jonesboro. Officers said they responded to the scene after a call about a shooting, but when they arrived they found the trailer on fire.

The six officers at the scene immediately jumped out of their patrol cars, running into the flames to save the people inside the home. All of but one of the officers are rookies, including one officer who has only been on the job for two weeks.

Fire officials said if the officer were just a few seconds later, that man may have not made it.

It was Demetrius Stone who climbed through the window into the trailer. He has been a cop for just four months, but he used to be a firefighter.

Two officers, Christian Stearley and Ryan Jackson, cradled the injured man to the ground. They too have only been on the force for four months.

And it was Shawni Fisher who was the base for a human ladder as officers initially tried to reach the man. She too, a rookie with nine months of service.

Officer TraVon Porter has only been on the job for two weeks.

And finally, Officer Chandi Holmes, 24 years on the force, had been the training officer for many of the rookies.

Clayton County police have not received and update on the victim's condition. One of the officers tried to visit him in the hospital later and said he was still unconscious.

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