5th Fulton County school suspends in-person learning after positive COVID-19 tests

Another Fulton County school is temporarily stopping in-person learning because of the possible spread of COVID-19.

Tuesday, the school system said that Haynes Bridge Middle School has met the criteria of Level 1 of the system's Closing Matrix - which means that one to two students, teachers, or staff members have tested positive.

While normally a Level 1 would not lead to the suspension of in-person classes, the school system says that it has caused a high number of staff members to quarantine.

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"As a result of this operational challenge, a priority on ensuring safety for those in-person learners and staff, and the ability to ensure a high level of instruction, a decision has been made to switch to remote learning," Fulton County school officials said.

Officials believe that the school will resume face-to-face learning on Nov. 30.

The temporary closure comes just days after three other schools reached Level 2 of the closing procedure, bringing the number of schools with only virtual learning to five.

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At Heritage Elementary School, three positive tests have been reported and officials say a "significant" number of staff members are in quarantine. The school will remain in remote learning for one week.

Liberty Point Elementary School will switch to remote learning for three days after three positive coronavirus test results.

Cambridge High School is also going virtual for three days. Officials say the high school has seven positive test results reported, with a "significant" number of staff members quarantined.

Centennial High School switched over on Friday after four positive test results and a portion of its staff in quarantine. The school is expected to return to in-person learning at the end of November.

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Officials say they are monitoring cases at other schools and may choose to switch to remote learning after consulting with the Fulton County Board of Health.

"The district is taking multiple factors under consideration and the circumstances at each school are not necessarily the same, nor do they necessarily present the same level of potential exposure at each location," officials said.

As of Tuesday, 89 of the 94 schools in the Fulton County School System are continuing with in-person learning.

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