5 arrested in drug raid in Marietta

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A major drug raid in Marietta. Police said they found methamphetamine, black tar heroin, and marijuana. Five people were arrested and investigators credited neighbors for tipping them off.

Arden Drive is a quiet street in Marietta. Most people know each other here and take time to chat over the hedges. So, when a number of people started noticing lots of unfamiliar cars at all hours of the day at one home, they took notice. After a short time, several people called police.

"They observed suspicious behavior, things just didn't seem right, they couldn't articulate exactly why, but they asked us to look into it," said Marietta Police Office Chuck McPhilamy.

Police watched the home closely and within several weeks were convinced the folks inside were operating a drug business. Tuesday night, authorities raided the home and arrested five people inside including 67-year-old Maryella Jackson and her 30-year-old son, James Jackson, who were released from jail on drug charges just prior to the bust.

Police are still looking for a sixth person who was not home when they arrived, Kimberly Goodsell.

As Linda Dills was walking her dogs near the home, which she does most days, she said it's frightening to know what police said was happening in the home, but she's grateful neighbors weren't afraid to step up and say something to police.

"We're so thankful people are watching out for other people here," said Dills.

Matt Carney echoed that thought. He lived nearby for three years and said the neighborhood is filled with families and lots of children.

"It's awesome they're calling in and staying aware of their surroundings, so we can protect each other and ourselves," said Carney.