3,500 law enforcement officers sworn in as special deputy US Marshals for inauguration

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In advance of the 58th Presidential Inauguration, there was a show of force at the D.C. Armory on Thursday as over 3,500 law enforcement and police officials from across the country came to be sworn in as special temporary U.S. Marshals.

They will all have arrest powers and they will all be able to enforce the law during the inauguration. Interim D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said they expect demonstrators to follow the law, so hope officers will not have to use those arrest powers.

"We brought in law enforcement for many inaugurations as I can remember from outside jurisdictions and we haven't had any problems,” Newsham said. “They are police officers. They are well-meaning. They want to come here and make sure we have a successful event. That is their intention and that is what we hope they will do.”

Patrick Burke, the U.S. Marshal for the District of Columbia, told FOX 5 that this deputization is not permanent and will only last until the National Cathedral Service being held on Saturday.

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